Using the LaNet-vi tool

Up-load your network, and you will receive by e-mail a PNG image of the layout.

1. Prepare your network file

You should specify each edge of the graph, one by line, as: "i ¬ j", where i and j are node numbers, and the symbol ¬ is a space or tab. The graph is considered undirected, that is lines "2 4" and "4 2" are equivalents. Finally, you should compress it using gzip.

2. Fill the form

First name:
Last name:
Field of activity:
Name of the institution:
E-mail address: (the image will be sent to this address)
If you want to upload your network at the Image Gallery, please select "yes" at next check-box. In a positive case, please identify your network file with your personal name and contact one of the authors for a complete description of these data set.

3. Set image characteristics

Select the type of image you prefer:
Select the amount of edges that will be shown, e.g. 1 for all links and 0.1 for 10%. Type 0 if you want the algorithm to select a value automatically.
Select the resolution of the image. Please take into account the maximal size allowed by your e-mail inbox (the displayed size are computed for 10^5 vertices and an automatic number of displayed edges).
Select if you want omit cliques in central core.

4. Upload the file (compressed with gzip)

You will receive by e-mail a PNG image of the layout. Please, feel free to use, copy, distribute and display the generated pictures, providing the appropriate credit to the LaNet-vi software and its authors. The images are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Creative Commons License

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